In case you don’t know me, my dad makes clock (along with lots of other furniture and taxidermy) and he asked if I wanted to do a clock in Gallifreyan and yeah! I’m a crazy Whovian .. yeah! 

So like I do whenever I write, I use a protractor to draw everything (I use my ring to do the vowels) separately, scan it, and photoshop the crap out of it .. I literally mean the crap, you know eraser fuzzies. Then I take all the individual words and photoshop them onto one psd file and create a bunch of circles and lines to line everything up. Then I colored everything, using the Tardis color (#004365) as the base color and variations of it for everything else.

Oh, I should probably mention each number is the number written in words, so one, two, three, etc, but in Gallifreyan.

Then later on I went in and added the center piece, which says “time is not the boss of you” - Eleven, in case you don’t know or something. If you think about it it’s kind of a weird quote to have on a clock cause it goes against time but I like that cause in my head I think “time’s not important, it’s just something humans made up,” but at the same time everything I (we) do revolves around time. So when you look at it it tells you what time it is and to remember that that’s not actually important. And it reminds you you’re a crazy Whovian. 

Anyway, after I finished it, my father got it printed on regular paper, just bigger. Then he glued it to the back board (I’m think it’s just pile wood) and then made a frame and added a dial and all the fancy clock stuff. And then BAMB! Done. 

Not saying I’m going to sell these cause I think the language it copyrighted, but if you’re like “damn that’s awesome” and you really, really want one, let me know and we’ll talk about things. I don’t know where this paragraph is going but I can write just about anything and I like to design things. (what?)

So yeah, thend. BYE! 

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